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Accident Prevention


Accidents are apparently fortuitous events, but all have causes and effects. Many can be avoided by adopting some attitudes of self-protection.

Prevention in sport:
Practicing sports, as we saw, allows us to develop our physical abilities and help mental health. But, frequently, a deficient training, the lack of a correct medical examination or the use of inadequate materials are the cause of unwanted accidents. The most frequent are those that occur due to hyperfunction or hyperloading of muscles, ligaments or joints. For example, lesions of the growth cartilages in children and adolescents, tendonitis in the soles of the feet, the heel, etc., fracture of fatigue at the level of the bones of the limbs, and many others.

Other accidents are related to bumps or bad movements, such as sprains, fractures, strains, contractures and dislocations. Some traumatic incidents have later, long-term consequences. On the other hand, there are sports in which important traumas can occur, such as boxing, rugby and football.

How to take care of ourselves?
To avoid disorders when we practice sports or any type of physical exercise, we should take into account some considerations.

 Before starting a sport it is necessary to warm up for 10 or 15 minutes. The heating should be longer in low temperatures.
It is not advisable to finish a physical activity abruptly¸ but you have to do it gradually so that the muscles cool down little by little. This prevents stiffness and sudden drop in blood pressure.
It is important to keep your back aligned.
 When jumping or running. It should fall with the front of the feet, instead of the heels.
 Stretching movements should be performed slowly to avoid shortening of the muscles and possible breakage.
 Always increase the physical effort gradually.
 Pain is a signal sent to us by the body: let’s pay attention to it.