Anaphylactic shock

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There are people who are hypersensitive to bites or stings. In these cases, a severe allergic reaction known as anaphylactic shock may occur.

In addition to the symptoms already mentioned (pressure acide, dyspnea, pallor, rapid pulse, cold sweat, etc.), it is possible that generalized edema or swelling and narrowing of the airways may occur, causing alterations in breathing and even suffocation. This requires urgent medical attention and the supply of specific medications.

Anaphylactic shock can also be caused by drugs (such as penicillin or other antibiotics) certain foods (such as citrus, onion, tomato, chocolate, strawberry, banana, etc.), insect bites (such as wasps and bees), spider bites and ants, dust, animal hairs and pollen.

In cases of anaphylactic shock, injectable antihistamines or serum are used to rapidly lower the edema.

Before the appearance of mild symptoms of shock you have to go to the doctor, do not expect them to get worse. Always assess the general condition of the patient.

See if you have hemorrhages, wounds or burns. If we consider that it presents a fracture in the neck, it is not convenient to move it. If your state of unconsciousness continues, call the doctor urgently.

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